Evaluate AutoHotkey with PuTTY

Not sure about what AutoHotkey can do for you? Well, here’s your chance to try it out to assist you with PuTTY. AutoHotkey allows the execution of a script without installing the program. So, I wrote a script to be used in PuTTY. This way, you can see if AutoHotkey is a program for you. … Read more

AutoHotkey vs AutoIT

What is the difference between AutoHotkey and AutoIT? These two scripting (programming) languages are similar. In fact, AutoHotkey was derived from AutoIT. AutoHotkey and AutoIT are like many other scripting languages (e.g. VBA, JavaScript, PHP) but they are specialized for Windows automation. I find that the AutoIT syntax is more structured than its AutoHotkey counterpart … Read more

ShortKeeper vs Autohotkey

Comparing these two is like comparing a car and a tire. You need both and they complement each other. In this case, ShortKeeper is the vehicle that uses AutoHotKey tires…and trust me it is a Cadillac! For those who don’t know, AutoHotKey (AHK) is an open-source scripting language for Windows which consist of tasks automation … Read more

Enterpad vs AutoHotkey

Briefly, I would say that the Enterpad automates the keyboard and AutoHotkey automates Windows. When it comes to sending keystrokes for account numbers, credit card information, passwords, hotkeys and the like, the Enterpad programmable keyboard could be the perfect solution. Working inside Windows, AutoHotkey can emulate keystrokes and mouse moves, start programs, manage variables, perform … Read more

Getting Started with the Enterpad

You just received your first Enterpad! You might find this article useful to test and get a feel for it in just a short time. Start by plugging the Enterpad into your computer by using its USB connector. The Enterpad will be automatically detected by Windows (normally in less than 15 seconds) just like a … Read more

Changing Enterpads configurations on the fly!

I have solved the problem of using an Enterpad with different applications! I recently figured out how change my Enterpad configuration in 10 to 15 seconds. That includes changing the graphic overlay that labels the keys on the Enterpad. I press the Load Configuration key on my Enterpad, select the different configuration from a drop … Read more

AutoHotkey – One-Click Auto Shutdown

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shut-down your computer safely like a light bulb – at the press of a button? Have you ever had to wait in front of your computer before it shuts down? Once it starts closing all background applications, open windows and other things you don’t even know about, it … Read more