Macro Software Comparison

A macro is a small program or script that helps users automate common tasks such as defining shortcut keys to open commonly used programs, expand abbreviations as they are typed, and a lot more besides. Not only do they help save us time and (from frustration too), but they are a god-send to those suffering from RSI, making working on a computer a lot less painful.

However, among so many available software packages out there, how do you decide which is the best one for your needs? We think it is best to get evaluations and recommendations from users themselves.

With this end in mind, we will be evaluating the following macro software packages. We request our readers to write in their own experiences and suggestions so that we can build a useful comparison document for all the popular macro software packages available.

  1. Apis Ceratina
  2. Auto Macro Recorder
  3. AutoHotkey (free)
  4. AutoIT (free)
  5. HotKeyBind
  6. KeyText
  7. Macro Expert
  8. Macro Express (39.95 US$)
  9. Macro Mania
  10. Macro Scheduler
  11. Macro Wizard
  12. My Macros
  13. Perfect Keyboard
  14. Quick Macro (Q Macro)
  15. RoboTask
  16. ShortKeeper (free)
  17. WinAutomation
  18. WinTask
  19. Workspace Macro Recorder

This list will be updated depending on reader’s requests and interest. Do let us know if you would be interested in knowing more about any other software that we may have missed out on.


5 thoughts on “Macro Software Comparison”

  1. Unfortunately, Macro Express Po scripts do not run without MEP. There is no way to convert MEP scripts to exe files. The ability to convert Macro Express scripts to free standing executables is my number one feature request. Because it is not available, I started scripting with AutoHotkey for certain tasks.

  2. I had searched a macro program that could detect picture being on the screen screen & use that as part of a macro… Finally, I had found Macro Expert (, that was able to simulate clicks & keyboard input, and detect a picture on the screen as well, also help me macro a lot of basic tasks in windows such as automating tasks like opening specific windows, and get to specific options. It’s really great.


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