Enterpad vs AutoHotkey

Briefly, I would say that the Enterpad automates the keyboard and AutoHotkey automates Windows.

When it comes to sending keystrokes for account numbers, credit card information, passwords, hotkeys and the like, the Enterpad programmable keyboard could be the perfect solution.

Working inside Windows, AutoHotkey can emulate keystrokes and mouse moves, start programs, manage variables, perform calculations and a variety of other tasks.

If you just need to send/generate keystrokes, the Enterpad is the only solution if any of the following apply:

•    You can’t install/run a program for macros on a particular computer

•    You don’t want to learn a new programming language like AutoHotkey

•    AutoHotkey is not compatible with a particular computer

Otherwise, I would suggest you take advantage of all of the possibilities of AutoHotkey.  It can provide you with a variety of ways to improve your workflows.

However, AutoHotkey can be challenging when the user needs to trigger lots of macros throughout the day (often very short ones).  It is not practical to use too many hotkeys on a standard keyboard because it becomes confusing or can cause conflicts with other applications.

If you are this kind of user, the use of an Enterpad to trigger numerous macros is a proven solution. The Enterpad brings the full power of AutoHotkey for macros to your fingertips. It is a productive and efficient tool for anyone who works with lots of macros. Used together, the two can increase workflows and simplify the whole process.

By Denis Lamarre

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