AutoHotkey – One-Click Auto Shutdown

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shut-down your computer safely like a light bulb – at the press of a button?

Have you ever had to wait in front of your computer before it shuts down? Once it starts closing all background applications, open windows and other things you don’t even know about, it takes a long while before it finally stops.

There is a DOS command that can execute a complete stop: the shutdown command. Some parameters can be added to it, but for the purpose, let’s stay with the essentials to force you computer to shut down:

shutdown –s –f –t 0

It is easy to put it into AutoHotkey to make it done automatically. However, if you do so, all current applications will close without warning, and you may lose unsaved data. Therefore, I added a simple message box to prompt just before proceeding:

MsgBox, 52, Warning, Computer will shut down. Proceed?
IfMsgBox, Yes, run, shutdown -s -f -t 0

If you click the “Yes” button, the computer will not ask and will make a complete stop. There is now an “OFF” key on my Enterpad that helps me leave my computer station as fast as possible!


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