AutoHotkey – One-Click Auto Shutdown

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shut-down your computer safely like a light bulb – at the press of a button? Have you ever had to wait in front of your computer before it shuts down? Once it starts closing all background applications, open windows and other things you don’t even know about, it … Read more

AutoHotkey – Display an on-screen message

When I use AutoHotkey to run background tasks, download files and prepare backups, I want to know what happens without wondering if it is really working or not. Also, I like to be prompted and to confirm actions before running them. There is a command in AutoHotkey, MsgBox, that displays a message box on screen. … Read more

Make many Enterpads out of one

For those of you who own an Enterpad programmable keyboard, you probably have had to replace a useful macro with another more useful one… because you had used every available key on your keyboard. When having 120 spaces is no longer enough, you need to find more space quickly to keep yourself efficient. However, you … Read more

Finding an easier way to get it done

Every single computer user – beginner or savvy – will experiment someday the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts, and adopt them fast enough. The good old copy-and-paste, used with the Ctrl combination key, allows saving precious seconds in the lives of both a programmer and a secretary. As an IT manager, I am of course … Read more