The Killer AutoHotkey Add-on You’ve Never Heard Of

AutoHotkey (AHK) is supposed to make you fast.

You create scripts for all your indispensable, one-of-a-kind functions. You know, the ones that no one else living outside of your head (or office) will ever want or need.

All you have to do is remember the hotkeys —and what they all do, and Voilà! Instant execution of your most common and tedious tasks.

When you wrote all those scripts you had some sort of elegant plan for managing them in your memory. After that, you were sure your hands would memorize the awkward patterns and get used to touching the exact keystrokes needed.

Yeah, right.

Here’s the reality:

The problems using hotkeys: After the first dozen keystroke combos, you start to run out of obvious ideas. Even inventing new keystroke combinations without repeating them starts to require “creativity,” which can be dangerous when you’re going for a sleek and memorable method.

And let’s face it: you have to keep many of those easy Windows hotkeys in place, so new creative combinations are required.

Using AHK: Two things hold you back, your memory and fat fingers (sloppy fingers, fast fingers, whatever imperfect typing fingers you own).

When you’re typing quickly to finish your report, email, or calculation, it’s difficult to recall why you ever came up with shift+space+a for your partner’s work address!

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but chances are unless you use it every day, you’ll forget it. And half of those keystrokes just don’t seem to easily fit into a smooth way of typing.

So much for quick!

The OLD fix?

  1. The AHK “cheat sheet.” All you have to do it take a moment, look up to your wall and search a bit. (Not quite what you had in mind when you set up your AutoHotkeys.)
  2. Or how about this?  You pause and rack your brain for that keystroke command that you used just last week…It’s gotta be…let’s try… Contol+alt+/…Oops! Undo! Undo!

The fact is, AHK takes precious mental recall, accurate hand muscle memory and keystroke control
…Which means time and experience
…Which means that for all but the most commonly used AHK commands, sometimes it’s easier to “just do it the old way”
…Which means step by step…
…Which means AHK isn’t making you any faster at the keyboard.

Enterpad is AutoHotkey’s one-touch answer to rein in the chaos and speed up your work.

Enterpad: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for AHK and a huge step forward in AHK technology.

How would you like to simply reach to your right or left and touch one button? Just one. Enterpad lets you do that.

And there’s more it can do that AHK alone can’t

  • Windows already came up with some smooth hotkeys. Do your AutoHotkeys override some of the good ones? Now there’s no need to override; Enterpad automatically resolves that.
  • Taking no more room on your workspace than the space of one sheet of paper, you can have keystroke combos on demand at the touch of a button. (Just one easily identifiable button.)
  • They’re even labeled — no more searching or guessing. Your best customer’s testimonial could be “Hal’s best!” or whatever you choose to help you remember.
  • You can group them exactly how you use them. According to function: mouse moves in one color coded group, text creation in another, frequently visited websites in another group.

Sure, AHK is awesome. But if you want to master it (instead of AHK dominating YOU), if you want to script just for the heck of it and actually use them all, Enterpad gets you the most functionality out of one the best Windows tools around.

Want to learn more about this automatic solution to instant AHK triggers? Enterpad for AutoHotkey

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