Changing Enterpads configurations on the fly!

I have solved the problem of using an Enterpad with different applications!

I recently figured out how change my Enterpad configuration in 10 to 15 seconds. That includes changing the graphic overlay that labels the keys on the Enterpad.

I press the Load Configuration key on my Enterpad, select the different configuration from a drop down list, swap out the graphic overlay and I am ready to use the new configuration.

My Enterpad runs various AutoHotkey functions depending upon the key I press to make it all happen.

I also use other keys to edit and create new configurations on the fly.

  1. One key loads the current configuration into Notepad allow you to make quick changes.
  2. The second key uses the current configuration as a starting point for creating a new configuration.
  3. The third key creates a blank configuration where you can create a configuration from scratch.
  4. The fourth key allows you to flip between the current configuration and the last one that was used, like pressing the Alt+Tab key in Windows.

When you save configuration you are prompted if you want to change or create a graphic overlay file associated with the configuration. If you answer yes the associated graphic overlay is loaded into Excel where you can change the key test and color code the keys. In Excel print the overlay, apply the scissors to the cutout lines and you have a new graphic overlay ready to use.

To further show off the power of using AutoHotKey with an Enterpad I create four keys that place date information in the file being edited.

  1. The first key place the current date/time in the document.
  2. The second the date in MM/DD/YY format.
  3. The third key asks fora a number and inserts the date plus or minus from today’s date in the document.
  4. The fourth and last key enters yesterdays date in the document.

These keys are just to show some additional things that can be done with AutoHotKey and an Enterpad.

To view a 6 minute video of this Click Here.

If anyone want a copy of what I have done let me know and I will send you the files. Contact me at

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