AutoHotkey Script – Launch Google

Let’s admit it; we all spend a lot of time googling whether it be for personal reasons, professional reasons or just for fun. So this simple script is probably the most useful one you will ever come across. (It is definitely my favorite, so maybe I am biased). #g::Run To know how to create … Read more

How to work faster with PuTTY

A PuTTY terminal is a good example of situation in which you might have to type the same fairly complex commands repeatedly. If you have to manage a LAMP server with Ubuntu, like I do, you are familiar with commands like these: To locate the Apache log file: cd /var/log/apache2To backup a website: tar cpzf … Read more

First AutoHotkey Script

With a little search, you’ll find a lot of script examples on the Internet but what most of them won’t tell you is how to create and use them. Well… lets start with the basics then. Once you have downloaded and installed AutoHotkey, just follow the given steps: That’s it. Simple, right?? Now to try out … Read more

Everything about the installation of AutoHotkey

Installing AutoHotkey on Windows Operating System is very easy. —Install the software (about 2 MB) directly from the AutoHotkey Website at this address: … When Windows asks if you want to save or execute, click on “execute.”  By default, AutoHotkey will automatically be installed in the “C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\” folder that it will create. The installation process is … Read more

Prevent RSI with AutoHotkey

If you are anything like me, you probably spend an upward of 14 hours on your computer, and even with the best ergonomically designed hardware, you are still well on your way to having RSI. How many times have you wished that you could get your work done by just glaring at the screen when … Read more

Managing a large number of hotkeys!

It is exactly the problem we faced at the beginning with AutoHotkey. We needed 100+ “hotkey-to-macro” to open websites/ files, select accounts/ fonts/ printers, start programs, type special characters and so on. Actually we had 4 problems: We solved everything with an Enterpad. The graphic overlay on the Enterpad solved the problem of remembering and … Read more