Getting Started with the Enterpad

You just received your first Enterpad! You might find this article useful to test and get a feel for it in just a short time.

Start by plugging the Enterpad into your computer by using its USB connector. The Enterpad will be automatically detected by Windows (normally in less than 15 seconds) just like a regular USB keyboard.

From this point forward, the Enterpad is running, mainly monitoring its key presses to do what it is programmed to do.

If you ordered the regular version of the Enterpad, It is factory programmed so that keystrokes produce key numbers. Simply put, each key on the Enterpad is ready to type its key number. So you can test the Enterpad by simply opening a text document and pressing keys on the Enterpad. You should see the key numbers appear on the text document. This 10-minute regular Enterpad tutorial will start by showing you how to set the first Enterpad key to type “hello”.

If you ordered the AHK version of the Enterpad, it is factory programmed with special codes to trigger AutoHotkey macros (inside a script file). Without its AutoHotkey script running, pressed keys on the Enterpad won’t do anything. They are buffered (up to 12 keys). If its buffer reaches maximum capacity, the Enterpad will emit longer beeps to indicate its memory is full. With this 10-minute AHK Enterpad tutorial, we will show you how to set the first Enterpad key to open your favorite website.

Need to set the Enterpad beep level? Get some overlay templates?  See examples of macros? You will find the answers to these questions and more at the Enterpad website.


By Meghna

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