Shortcut key – open any file or folder quickly without clicking

Monday morning, 9 am (yes it seems like it’s always Monday!) my second coffee cup of the day in hand, I’m walking to my office, “ready” to let the day begin (I know it sounds cliché!).

Still with the feel of my pillow on my face, I login to my computer session, not without any trouble because nothing comes with ease on Monday. Then one of the tasks I hate the most is about to start, the one where I must open the main files I need to get the job done for the financial statements. At least, I know I am not the only one who finds himself in this position.

Who never clicked on this sequence: [C:\Users\Mario\Documents\Divisions\Accounting\Financial statements\BalanceSheet3] and I realize it’s not even the right one, so I start over again [C:\Users\Mario\Documents\Divisions\Accounting\Financial statements\BalanceSheet3]. By the time my five important files were opened, my human battery was 12% lower and my coffee was empty!

So here I go for a third coffee (that only happens on Monday don’t worry) and when I get to the coffee machine, I see Mike, one of my colleagues from the IT department and I take this opportunity to ask him if he knows a trick or a way to open files and folders quickly. He talks about ShortKeeper which is a software that is simple of use and will be making me more efficient at work.

120 seconds later, ShortKeeper was already installed on my computer (it is free! Yessir) and I was able to open my first file with the macro ctrl+B (that I chose) to open the file of the Balance Sheet of the company.

It’s been almost a month now that I use ShortKeeper and I save a lot of time every day. On top of that, I noticed I am happier at my workplace and I also take one less coffee every Monday mornings! Let’s go, it’s your turn to try it!

You can download ShortKeeper at the following adress:

– written by Philippe Lamarre

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