AutoHotKey Script – Launching Calculator

In my opinion, one of the most useful applications included with Windows is their calculator. But the one thing that always chafed was the long access path.

Think about it, in the time that it takes to go through Start–>Programs–>Accessories–> Calculator, you could probably do some of the calculations yourself. Of course, it gets easier with the RUN command box. Just click on Start –> Run and then type in “calculator” in the command box that opens to launch it. While this is a better option, it still wasn’t the ideal solution.

Now I just use a simple AutoHotKey Script:

^a::Run calc.exe

So, pressing ctrl+a will launch the calculator. I didn’t use ctrl+c (‘c’ for calculator) because I don’t want to overwrite my popular, defined by Windows, ctrl+c shortcut that copy selected text to the clipboard.

You can launch plenty of scripts without any hotkeys with an AHK Enterpad. This means No hotkeys to remember, No hotkey conflicts, No hotkey guessing. This short video shows you how simple it is to use the AHK Enterpad to trigger AutoHotkey macros/scripts:


8 thoughts on “AutoHotKey Script – Launching Calculator”

  1. I get this error when i try to run the script
    Error: Failed Attempt to launch program or document:
    Specifically: The system cannot find the file specified

  2. Thanks so much! I switched to a mechanical keyboard which is so much easier on the hands, but lacks special keys. Now, thanks to autohotkey, youtube and you I can quickly adjust my volume and open the calculator. This makes me so happy, I can’t even describe it.

  3. here is the script to (using that will focus the an existing calculator that you have open or if no calculator windows are open it will open a new one

    if WinExist(“Calculator”)
    Run calc.exe

  4. was trying to fine the location of the calculator, but calc.exe much easier 😀

    I would avoid Ctrl+a as a short cut through, that’s “select all” in most programs, very useful in exel for selecting tables, selecting text in boxes etc, selecting everything in a folder or filter… I probably use it in work and home least 10times a day.

    Alt+C makes more sense. Although IE uses this for favourites.


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