5 Reasons To Love AutoHotkeys

If you are not already a fan of this software, then you will be by the end of this post.

And if you are a fan, you can read on to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of smugness about your intelligence in using it.

1. You can automate anything.. or at least absolutely any task that your computer is capable of performing. Write the script or use the macro recorder – it’s your choice.

2. Don’t like the placement of keys on your Keyboard? Remap it. Or maybe you don’t like the way your Windows key brings up the Start Menu? Make it open up the Microsoft Word file or the Internet Explorer or both if you want (yes, you can override Windows defaults too). Or maybe you just want to use your joystick as the mouse? You are the puppeteer of this show, play it the way you want.

3. The AutoHotKeys Version 1.0.48 release means it is now up to 3 times faster.

4. Hate using a different system because you can’t use your personalized hotkeys on them? No problem. Simply convert your scripts in .exe files and run them on any system, even ones that do not have AutoHotKeys installed. AutoIT Users can run their scripts without any changes on AutoHotkeys.

5. Automatically expand abbreviations as you type. No need to worry about unprofessional emails at work anymore.

This software is a true supporter of the No Pain, No Pain Philosophy and a boon for the victims of RSI, especially when combined with the Enterpad.

Ohh.. and did I mention that it is FREE?


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