Managing a large number of hotkeys!

It is exactly the problem we faced at the beginning with AutoHotkey. We needed 100+ “hotkey-to-macro” to open websites/ files, select accounts/ fonts/ printers, start programs, type special characters and so on.

Actually we had 4 problems:

  1. It was almost impossible to remember all of our hotkeys and even less possible to ask a part time employee to remember them.
  2. It was frequent and very damaging to press the wrong hotkey which was activating the wrong macro.
  3. It was time-consuming to find and modify a macro and/or replace a hotkey in our script file.
  4. Some of the hotkeys that we were selecting for our macros were disabling useful existing hotkeys in Windows environment.

We solved everything with an Enterpad. The graphic overlay on the Enterpad solved the problem of remembering and pressing the wrong hotkey. Also, the Enterpad don’t use any hotkey to trigger AutoHotkey macros. This means that there is no way to disable other useful existing hotkeys.

The AutoHotkey script template, the Enterpad ready-to-print overlay and a tutorial are available free at


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